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1) iPhone 3g has a smaller more sleek image that is more mobile to carry around and can clean easily,with a swab the smaller 3g i pone also comes with a carrying case that is for a water prof hold because most of the caring cases are made of rubber.

2) iPhone 3g has 3gigabytes so is is twice as fast and can hold more songs and web apps.The three gig iPhone also has a an advanced server that can access iTunes via wireless like the iPod touch.

3) The iPhone 3g has a built in camera and camcorder that is 2.o megapixel this camera is located on the side of the iPhone this camera on the iPhone is good for pics but not major recordings.

4)The iPhone 3g has built in sim card for memory this sim card is ejectable so that is how it works when you use it can be ejectable and you can switch sim cards but it is not highly likely the they will not be compatible

5)The iPhone 3g has more advanced wifi tecnology that is better for port express and technologys . this new wifi has a longer radi from the phone last of all the wifi doesget air port so if yopu have an apple wifi dock you will be fine. Thank you for reading my reveiw.

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