Yeah! you are right there is no more roamers about Google OS. Google has come out with a OS which boots in less then 7 seconds.
Google chrome OS is open source new web-based operating system which allows user to access the application & favourite sites just like that 😉
You guys feeling like checking out the Google Chrome OS right now here you go all you need is virtual machine, google chrome os virtual box image. Download the opensouce VirtualBox software here Google Chrome OS image can be downloaded from torrent here
Once the download is completed install the software & register. VirtualBox software where you can run mutliple Operating System virtually on your Laptop or Desktop. Now we are going to install Google Chrome OS
Start VirtualBox Click on “New” button left corner Google Chrome OS - Techgyaan
It will pop-up with wizard to “Create New Virtual Machine” Google Chrome OS - TechGyaan
click on “Next” button and typein the Name Google Chrome OS - TechGyaan
Select the Memory you want to allocate for Google Chorme OS Virtual Machine. Google Chrome OS - TechGyaan
Now we need not create a new hard disk instead we will use existing hard disk

this will pop-up with a window to Create & ADD hard disk for Virtual Machine
Click on “Add” point the location where we have downloded & copied the Google Chrome OS image.

Select the Image

Hit “Finish” to GO 🙂

Now we are ready to start the Super fast web based operating system to Boot.

Start the operating system & signing with your Google Account.

Google Chorme OS UI will look like Chrome browser which allows you to access all your faviotur sites & application. As it is mentioned Google Chrome OS is web-based operating system all application work only there is is Internet.

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