Step 1: Set up Netmeeting application:

1) Start > Run > type in conf and click OK
2) Follow instructions for setup
3) During setup, ignore request for directory server, leave default setting

Step 2: Disable Windows firewall:

1) Start > Control Panel > Network Connections
2) On left hand side, in box click on “Change Windows Firewall Settings”
5) Turn the firewall off
9) You are now done. Launch the netmeeting application and test it out.
10) To share a file, you must first give your participants your IP address. You can find this by clicking (in the netmeeting application window) Help > About Netmeeting. Your IP address will be listed at the bottom of the window.
11) Then click on Tools Sharing and choose which file you want to share… or share your entire desktop if you want to make all open apps visible. Not that only the one that you see on your screen at any given time will be visible on the participant screens.
12) Experiment… it is a good tool for sharing, whiteboarding, etc… (note, you will need to mute your PC audio when using netmeeting, as it will transmit and receive audio, which is not necessary because we will use a landline conference bridge for audio).