In my previous post I explained Switching between ALOM and ILOM shells. Here we will configure network interface on ILOM

Oracle Solaris

The following steps will configure the network settings for the ILOM.
1) Connect a terminal to the ILOM serial management port.
2) Power up the server.
3) When prompted, login into the ILOM as root:
login: root
password: ***********
(this should be the default password and can be confirmed by consulting the documentation shipped with the server).
4) Set the network details for the ILOM:
> set /SP/network pendingipaddress=
> set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static
> set /SP/network pendingipgateway=
> set /SP/network pendingipnetmask=
> set /SP/network commitpending=true

The above mentioned IP Address is example

5) Try opening an SSH connection to the ILOM in order to confirm that the setup was successful.

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