I have come across lots of issues related to likewise on Ubuntu. One such issue which is user unable to change the password of user even administrator wont be able to change the password. This happens when user upgrades operating system from Ubuntu older version to Ubuntu 10.04.

“How to fix password authentication manipulation (system-auth pam.d) error in Ubuntu while changing the password”

If you have come across same issue there is a work around to get rid of password authentication manipulation error in Ubuntu while changing the password
Just follow the steps below

system-auth pam. d (Pam: Password Authentication Module) gets corrupted while upgrading the opertaing system through network.

Login as administrator or with sudo privilege

root@techgyaan:/#cd /etc/pam.d

Just rename the original file as shown below

root@techgyaan:/#cp common-account    common-account.orig
root@techgyaan:/#cp common-auth        common-auth.orig
root@techgyaan:/#cp common-password    common-auth.orig
root@techgyaan:/#cp common-session    common-auth.orig

Copy the all four files (common-account, common-auth, common-password & common-session) from working machine or download from here & replace with existing files.

root@techgyaan:/#wget http://URL
root@techgyaan:/#tar xvf pam.d.tar
root@techgyaan:/#mv * /etc/pam.d/

root@techgyaan:/root@techgyaan:/# passwd bala
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully

that’s it your issue is fixed.

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