We have would come across lots of complain from user saying the /var is 100% even after cleaning the disk space. You need not recreate file-system or create a new partition.

I have notice lots of people just delete some files from /var to clean the disk space & make inode work normal. Even if you completely delete the files from /var you wont be able fix & work on server. To confirm just try checking for the logs or small 1kb file in tmp directory or log directory.

Here is the solution to fix the inode problem without recreating file system

inodes are nothing but the numeric number allocated to file.
When u create the file system os allocate the range of inode to that file system.

Part Tag Flag Cylinders Size Blocks
1 var wm 207 – 1213 4.89GB (1007/0/0) 10247232

Type the below command to check the inode usage by firing.
#df -F ufs -o i

Go to that location and delete those file and restart the machine
and again fire the same command
#df -F ufs -o i

Check the properties now you will see inodes are free from /var

Your inode problem is fixed without recreating file-system or create a new partition…