I was bit confused with BEA WebLogic server installation on my Ubuntu 7.10 machine there was no package for ubuntu in BEA.
Officially Weblogic is supported on Suse and RedHat only.

I download the BEA WebLogic server RedHat Enterprise version which is free license for development.
To download the installer from BEA you must register at the site Register With BEA For Installing WebLogic Platform Using Graphical-Mode Installation click here:

Create the following directory
# root@techgyaan:#mkdir /usr/bea

Assign the permission to the package
# root@techgyaan:#chmod a + x net_platform814_linux32.bin

Run the installer root@techgyaan:

# ./net_platform814_linux32.bin

by simply following the default installation instructions you will be done with installation.

Congratulations! WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP4 has been successfully installed to /usr/bea/weblogic81.

After downloading, you must choose the product installation directory (WL_HOME), for me:


Configuration and start-ups

You will first be initiated the quick start.

You can then run the sample application (medrec), connect to: http://localhost:7001/console and authenticate with:

* username = WebLogic
* password = WebLogic

An excellent tutorial explains how to start working with wls through the sample application.
Creating a new domain

To create a new domain run:

# root@techgyaan:# sh /usr/bea/weblogic81/common/bin/config.sh

quick start Or use the links in quick start

During the configuration of new domain should be set:

the template configuration or with simple sample applications already installed
* customization of the domain (name server, doors, etc.).
* choose the JDK J Rockit and the “development mode”
* choose the name of the directory of domain (in my case “missing”)

After you have:

* the domain directory /usr/bea/user_projects/domains/missing
* the config.xml
* scripts startup/shutdown

To test it all, start the server:

# root@techgyaan:# /usr/bea/user_projects/domains/missing

#. / startWebLogic.sh

Point your browser to http://localhost:7001/console/ to start the console, with login credentials approach in creating domain:

* username = WebLogic
* password = WebLogic

Testing the sample application: http://localhost:7001/examplesWebApp/index.jsp

Original Configuration Soruce Wiki

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