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1 ) IBM — Right now this is the most firing company for IT

professionals. In the last 6 months, this company has fired nearly 20%

of their employees because of BG check and performance issues. This is

the most insecure company from an IT professional’s point of view. They

don’t have any strategic plans at HR policies regarding employee

security. No appraisals (maximum 10%)

2 )TCS — Previously its an government IT Company . Now a days TCS

alos becoming firing IT company. Recently they fired on 500

people.( the people below 2 years of experience) and TCS losts so

many projects recently( especially British Telecom Projects)

3 ) Accenture — This is second top most firing company. The firing rate

is around 5%. This depends upon outsourced projects; they have a unique

system where Accenture development centers around the world bid for a

project coming into the company. Currently Philippinescentre is taking

the cake and the Indian centers are in a firing mode.

4 ) WIPRO — Firing people with very frequent back ground checks and

firing them with out even experience letters and relieving letters (will

mention as terminated from services)but will promise the employees that

they will retain them. After the project is over they will fire away.

Will threaten of criminal cases against such employees if they oppose

the move and has also filed against some.

5 ) Intel — Recently joined the league. Running in heavy losses, hence

firing 3000 employees in the Banglore center in a phased out manner.

6 ) CTS — Has a steady firing policy (checking the Educational

background and previous employment and also employee performance in

work). In a Recent HCL walk-in, around 50% attendees were from this

company. Sadly the I-pods have not helped them.

7 ) CSC — Excellent package but fires folks in Background check and

those on bench regularly. Recently fired 400+ employees from its

subsidiary Covansys.

8 ) Satyam — Currently stopped firing. The Attrition rate is very high.

No firing from 2005 until now when 1000 employees were fired in


9 ) Patni —- They fired so many employees that currently they are

facing understaffing and deficiency with number of employees. Very high

attrition rate.

10 ) Keane India —- This USA based company is always involved in firing

employees. Although they proudly say that they dont have hire and fire

policy. Recently they fired java and as400 professionals after which

most of the employees have started to pack their bags. Employees change

this company within 1 year.

So take care before accepting offers from these companies. 8)